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IVRS finds its application across the industries in many ways. The cross industry applications of IVRS are:


  • Auto Receptionist: IVRS is used to attend the call of your customers. It may guide them to the desired department or to the desired person, or may register or respond to their query and complaints.

  • IVRS Telephonic Alerts: Calls are made to customers, prospective costumers, employees, or other stake holders to provide them with some useful information (stock-quotes, new schemes, etc) or other critical information.

  • Customer Care Automation: IVRS(Interactive Voice Response System) are extremely helpful in providing 24x7 support to the customers, that too at comparatively lower costs. Also, it provides multi-lingual support to serve customers from different regions, thus providing true 24X7 globally.

  • IVRS Surveys: IVRS can be very effectively used to conduct customer satisfaction as well as employee satisfaction surveys.

  • IVRS Inventory Control: Your inventory information can be maintained over the telephone line using IVRS. Employees managing the inventories at different locations can provide and report the information about their inventory needs and current inventory status.

  • IVRS Campaigning: Campaigning for social causes like polio vaccinations can be done through IVRS. Also, campaigning for commercial products can also be done through IVRS.

  • IVRS Reservations: IVRS can be well used in cinema halls, restaurants, airlines etc for reservation purposes. In the age of speech enabled IVRS, it has given a more convenient way to book tickets or spaces.

  • IVRS Status Information: IVRS/IVR application can be used for letting the customer know about his application status, ticket status, air flight status, project status, etc.

  • IVRS Reminder System: IVRS/IVR systems are being used highly these days in corporate and other sectors as reminder application. In this set up, IVRS application is set up so as to remind at important occasions. Some important areas where interactive voice response system is set up as reminder system are- Payment reminder system, Greeting and appointment reminder, announcements, etc. It gives reminder check to both you and your clients as per your settings.






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