Application of IVRS in Clinical Research


To reduce the complexity and simplify clinical trial management processes, more and more pharmaceutical companies are adopting Interactive Voice Response System (IVR/IVRS), which provides refined method of optimizing and managing supply chain of drugs in clinical trials. The IVR system also provides the facility to integrate it with other management solutions and applications to improve the management of clinical trials.


With IVRS, Information and services can be easily achieved through a touch-tone telephone. IVRS answers a good percentage of questions by way of an automated system and pre-recorded voice messages. Data are entered and stored to the causal database by using the telephone touch-tone keypad.


The IVR system provides the real time clinical trials data tracking for:

  1. Patient Randomization
  2. Drug Information
  3. Clinical Trial Material Tracking
  4. Patient Status

The Key benefits that IVR system provides are:


  • Automated access of information
  • Automated services
  • Remote access
  • PIN security
  • 24/7 availability
  • Fast data Tracking
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Time savvy






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