Clinical Trial Material Tracking


IVRS/IVR system provides a way to control the management of CTM inventory and is a valuable tool for dispensing medication and maintaining stock at site.


In an IVRS/ IVR System, medication procedure is based on pack numbers where all medication pack has a unique identification number. Any pack can be assigned to any subject in a same treatment group. At the place of tracking whole medication supply of a particular subject, applications use medication packets of a treatment for complete dispensing interval so that a complete dispensing unit can be allocated to other subject in the same treatment group. This approach will reduce the wastage of medication that usually occurs when a subject withdraws from the study. IVR/IVRS keeps tracing of following for Clinical trial Inventory management-


  • Storage Management
  • Monitoring of Expiry Dates
  • Label Tracking
  • Return of Study Products


Dispensing Medication and maintaining stock at site with the help of IVR system follows a cycle of three components. The cycle swivels between three major factors i.e. clinical trial database, Drug inventory and the study site.






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