Once the process of clinical Trial starts, it gets very important to maintain the track record of patient in the study. The two components of here comprises as follows-


  • Patient Status
  • Patient Diary


As patient enters the study he may have certain doubts at any point of time or may have certain other problem for which he may want to pull off from Clinical Research. IVRS here keeps track of Patient query, Patient discontinuation or Patient Unblinding.


Besides above, it is also imperative to maintain Patient diary. Patient Diary is very crucial for Clinical Research.  A Patient Diary is a means to which researcher refers to check further development of Clinical Research/Trials or a disease treatment and to measure treatment compliance in regard with whether or not patient is using the medication in accordance to the treatment schedule IVRS/ IVR system provides a centralized application and database that is beneficial for maintaining patient Diary and making changes in subject information during the study.


This increases the progress of clinical trials and making it much more efficient and accurate and eases the unnecessary workload over the staff.





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