Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for Clinical Trials


The dawn of 21st Century has witnessed a rapid and exponential growth in the field of Clinical Research and Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology. The rampant increase of discoveries has given rise to speedy development of pharmaceuticals drugs, vaccines and other medical inventions, which are intended to work for the betterment of humankind. In present scenario, there exists a great competition amongst Pharmaceuticals industries and their R&D department to be the first one to develop these products. Hence, pharmaceutical and medical research industry, either private or government is in a hurry develop new pharmaceuticals products and get them patented and thus to gain Intellectual property rights of that very product. However, these inventions of pharmaceutical and medical industries cannot be patented or made commercially available until they have passed through Clinical Trials. Clinical trial is a crucial phase in pharmaceuticals drugs development where these inventions are tested for their claims, efficacy and their side effects on actual human projects.


Thus, such a boom and cut-throat competition in pharmaceutical and clinical research industries has burdened the management team of Clinical Trial. As a result of this overload, the management team of Clinical Trials faces great challenges in regard with careless susceptible errors that might result in drastic consequences (for example if the side effects are not noted properly, records get intermixed). Thus to overcome such challenges an efficient tool to manage Clinical Trial is needed.


Therefore, to reduce errors and to simplify the clinical trial process emerging modern technology and tools has really proved fruitful in helping out the clinical trial and clinical research management process. One of such ingenious tool of technology is IVR OR IVRS expanded as Interactive Voice Response System. It is avery well-known tool these days among IT industry, Telecommunication Industry and a large number of other industries in Private as well as government sector. IVR is basically a tool where telephone is used as a device to input information. It is entirely automated and user-friendly device, which can be used by layman with no technical experience. Thus it makes input, management of data easy and less error prone, as it does not involve manual interference.


So exactly how does IVR / IVRS work ? IVR is a designed Voice Support System where a person who has to input data will dial a certain number which addresses the IVR. Then there is a set of instructions given by a prerecorded voice, which gives a set of options that are to be followed by the user by pressing the keys of his telephone and when the user has input his/her data, then he/she is given a reference number in context to his/her data for future reference.


IVR / IVRS is a simple tool that has many benefits, such as


  • Remote Patient Randomization
  • Simplification of clinical trial data input, clinical trial management and output
  • Less error prone due to no manual interference
  • Larger amount of clinical trial data can be collected/dispensed using IVR / IVRS
  • It makes the whole process less time consuming.


Since IVR / IVRS offers so many advantages thus it is being used by a wide variety of industries for management / input and output of data or information. Some examples of Industries where IVR System is being prominently used are Electricity and Telephone Boards to register complaints and to give information and news/latest offers. Mobile communication companies for registering complaints, dispensing information and even to provide additional facilities to customers and banking sector for dispensing information through IVR / IVRS application.


Similarly IVR System can be used for management in Clinical Trials. Fields where IVR / IVRS can and is being used are -


  • Dispensing pharmaceuticals drugs at sites for clinical trials according to need and type of clinical trial.
  • IVR / IVRS can be used to record complete clinical trial data about the recruitment of subjects and their details for future reference.
  • IVR / IVRS can be integrated with other tools to manage the clinical study data and disseminating vital information of study to selective people.
  • To maintain a record of amount of pharmaceutical drugs dispensed, amount used, result of a particular experiment and then disseminating this information to parent organization.


Thus, the modern technology stands esteemed for bringing forth such a tool which is helping the clinical trial and Pharmaceutical industry for efficient Clinical trials data management, error-free study of clinical trials, reduction of monotony and cumbersome work, thereby meeting the challenges and requirements of rapidly growing Clinical research and pharmaceutical industry.







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